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Our expert picks are different than the other experts.
When you search for NFL expert picks or NBA experts picks your looking for sports betting information that will provide you an advantage against the sportsbook. Some people think that the NFL "experts" on ESPN or other sports television shows are the "experts".They are not and we will explain why.

The majority of the experts on these panels are ex-players who give useless information each time they are on the air. Very few are into the cutting edge statistical analysis that is current today. They usually come on your TV and say things like, "Team A is gonna win if they don't turn the ball over." or "Team B will win if they can run the ball today." No, duh. In basketball the experts like to say, "If player A can get open and make shots, Team A will win." Or "Team A has to control the glass for them to be successful." Well thank you for that insight.

Then at the end of their pre-game show they make their picks. Only problem is that they make their picks with no point spread! If you can't hit 75% or higher using no spread than there is something wrong with you. Years ago Ron Jaworski famously on ESPN went on their NFL show and picked the Ravens then later on in the week he picked Steeelers. Great picks! Too bad they were playing each other! After being caught and called out on it he said that he filmed one show earlier in the week and then later on in the week he changed his mind. If anyone watching those shows thought they were getting an NFL expert pick from him they were sadly mis-led.

Here at we are in the business of one thing and that is winning sports bets. We use a computer system to find the weakest lines on the board everyday. Then we look for strategies and values that can make you money. We are the true experts with the real expert picks. This is our living and going on TV to waste time and pick "winners" that have no point spread on the games does not make an expert pick. We put our money where our mouth is and you should trust us to show you what we can do and the amount of money you can make betting our expert picks.

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